Shrimp Culture Using Biosterilisation and

Probiotics Area

Shrimp culture using biosterilisation and probiotic area can increased shrimp appetite and decreased Food Compsumption Ration (FCR). As an alternative strategy to be used in aquatic diseases management. Free from chemicals and heavy metals. Easy applied, safe and effective.

1. Plankton Simulation


2. Water Treatment


3. Shrimp Treatment

Every feeding time


A. Controlling Water Discoloring

When the water color turn into brownish

B. Physical Condition of Shrimp Decreases

When shrimp attacked by “Pink Diseases”


When the average of shrimp growth is 0.4 – 0.5 gram/day, no need to add quantity of shrimp food. Sampling should be done from 40 day age of shrimp and every 7 – 10 days.

Our Results

Medan, North Sumatera




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