“Plant once for several times of harvest”


Salibu rice technology is a paddy planting technique using clumps of paddy after harvest (ratoon). The clumps are used as new tillers producer and maintained after cutting the previous harvested stems. Salibu cultivation using microbial fertilizer and microbial pesticide have benefits such as, can improves the paddy production by increasing the cropping index and  increases the productivity of plants. The use of seeds and the purity of genetic is more well maintained and lower cost of production. Humid acid and decomposer spraying helps to moisture the land.


Land Preparation (2-3 days after harvesting)


Straw Cutting (7 days after harvesting)


Cutting height of 3-5 cm from the land

Microbial Endophytic Fertilizer Application

(1 day after straw cutting)


Stitching plants and First Fertilizer Application (15-20 days after straw cutting)

Thinning / cleavage of clumps is carried out in clumps that have many tillers. Then embroinered into plants that do not grow.


Microbial Fertilizer and Microbial Insecticide Application (20-25 days after cutting straw rice)


Control Pest & Disease Application and Filling Rice Grains (50-55 days after cutting straw rice)


Application Results

Buleleng, Bali


Tanah Datar, West Sumatera (Increase 2 Fold Result 100-150%)


Lubuk Basung, West Sumatera (Number of tillers 30-35 batang in planting season 2 and good plant growth)


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