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Testimoni Petani Cabai

Testimoni Petani Cabai Jember – Daerah endemis Layu Fusarium dengan serangan hampir 40%, telah berhasil dengan aplikasi Decoprima dan Humatop. Decoprima adalah Bio-Fungisida yang efektif untuk mengendalikan Layu Fusarium, Layu Bakteri dan Busuk Buah. Decoprima mengandung¬†¬†jamur Streptomyces sp. dan Trichoderma sp. Jamur Streptomyces sp.¬†berperan dalam proses sterilisasi tanah karena memiliki kemampuan untuk melakukan sintesa […]

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espn livescore soccer (492)

Borussia vs Leipzig- Winning Chances and Interesting Transfers Fans are looking forward to the development of the German championship, which started on August 24. One of the most interesting games is the match between Borussia and Leipzig. The result of the competition is difficult to predict because of interesting changes in the teams’ lineups. For […]

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espn crickinfo livescore (84)

Live Football Matches Every day, the world sees hundreds of football matches, from regional to the Champions League and World Championship. Now, it’s much easier to follow their outcomes – you just need a mobile phone. Despite the fact that the football season has already come to an end in many countries, some championships are […]

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