• Contains cellulolytic, ligninolytic and proteolytic microbes which are effective in decomposing rice straw, crop residues, livestock manure and other organic materials.
  • Effective in sterilizing soil/growing media by increasing the content of soil microbial populations that are not pathogenic.
  • Effective in controlling diseases such as BACTERIAL LEAF BLIGHT and RICE BLAST.
  • The character of the microbes are mesophilic and thermophilic which can be active at room temperature and high temperature.


  • Streptomyces thermovulgaris strain 09924-c8Ka-50-3                     1 x 106cfu/gram
  • Thricoderma virens clone L-1                                                            1 x 10cfu/gram 
  • Geobacillus thermocatenulatus strain KNOUC105                            1 x 106cfu/gram