The issues that surrounds the use of bacteria in agriculture are focusing on the benefit of single-strain microbials and short shelf life of products.  Hence effectiveness is limited in the laboratory and/or small scale applications. We offer a microbial-consortium solutions to agricultural issues and a minimum of 3 year shelf life in all of our products.  

The solutions our products delivers are guided by these requirements:

  1. Microbial Viability – long shelf life 
  2. High Virulency microbial consortium for the desired effect
  3. Ease of Application by farmers
  4. Open Field Application 
  5. Affordability

Never basing on a single microbe, our R&D team strive hard to select compatible & complimentary microbes that work exponentially together.  Hence, ensuring strong results whether it is against diseases & pests such as sigatoka, phytopthora, fusarium, bacterial leaf blight, brown plant hoppers, thrips, aphids or more.

With our bacterial-dormancy technology, we are able to have a long shelf life for our products.  Farmers are then guaranteed to have the maximum desired effect to the problems they are trying to solve.

Ease of Application, being able to apply in an open field and affordability for farmers are market forces that we have to comply with in order to survive in our own market.  Ultimately farmers and plantations need to be able to apply products conveniently using current tools that they already use and cannot afford to increase their costs of production. 

We pride ourselves as experts in high yield chemical-free rice cultivation, solving soil borne diseases and pests that conventional chemicals have no solutions for.  See our solutions here

To ensure quality in our product & processes, we are ISO 9001 certified since 2017.  We are also certified organic by IFOAM, Control Union, INOFICE & Organik Indonesia.



We are a team. Our team consists of microbiologists, plant pathologists, agronomists, field trial workers, laboratory assistants, accountants, marketers, drivers and etc.  

We take pride in our microbial solutions to deliver real results.  More often not, solutions that conventional approach have no answers to.

What people don’t see how real results come about are the years of collecting and isolating the microbes, the countless field trials, the trials & errors that goes into formulating the product, the trials & errors designing the optimum application methods and the dedication it took for the whole team to be where we are today.  This dedication and team work will guide us to where we will be tomorrow.

Based in Jakarta, we have offices & warehouses spread across the Indonesian archipelago to assist in our marketing, distribution and field trials.  

Aside from the Indonesian market, we also have market representations in Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Bangladesh.


To be at the forefront in generating innovative and highly functional agro biotechnology products that are affordable, easily applied, support Organic Farming and reduce environmental impact.


  1. Produce high quality bio-insecticides, bio-fungicides, bio-fertilizers with affordable prices, long shelf life, easily obtained with interesting and informative packaging designs.
  2. Create, market and educate customers on the most reliable, efficient and sustainable practices to achieve higher production yields and better margins by using Prima Agro Tech’s agro-biotechnology products, so to have a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

To achieve the vision, PT Prima Agro Tech applies the Quality Management System of 9001:2015 and applies the quality policies to :

  1. Improve the capacity of human resources by continuously evaluate our team competencies and place the right manpower at the right position according to capability.
  2. Perform research and continual improvement to our products, processes, services and the effectiveness of our product applications on the field through the implementation of Quality Management System.
  3. Commitment to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) as a farming standard that our products can support and comply to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) to improve our laboratory production and testing processes.