About Us

About Us

PT. PRIMA AGRO TECH was established in 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia as a private limited company engaged in the field of agro-biotechnology. Since its inception in 2008, our goal is to develop new innovations to support increased farming and plantations production in Indonesia through new technologies. We first focused on rubber plants and plantation with our superior product, karetPLUS. Over time, we continue our Research & Development to develop healthier and cheaper supporting products in farming and plantations with advanced biotechnology in collaboration with several research centers such as, Indonesian Oil Palm Research Institute (PPKS), White Sungei rubber Research Center, Indonesian Sugar Research Institute (P3GI), and The Research Institute for Tea and Cinchona. In addition, we further test test our product efficacy in collaboration with the Indonesian Vegetable Research Institute (BALITSA) in Lembang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia , and Indonesian Center For Rice Research (ICRR) on Sukamandi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.
The products we develop today are pure biological bacteria based products without any chemicals mix. We are proud to have developed (1) endophytic microbes, (2) microbes isolates that are antogonistic against major diseases in agriculture and (3) pathogenic microbes against pests & insects. Our products can be applied to both organic and conventional farming.

Vision & Mission




To be at the forefront in generating biotechnology products that supports organic farming and sustainable green plantation that reduces negative environmental impacts.

Company Commitment

  • Supports the realization of a healthy and accessible farming with low production costs and high production yield and based on biotechnology innovation.
  • We strive to make our productss acceptable for all farmers; whethet as smallholders or plantations in both organic and conventional farming.
  • In organic faming, the use of our product can boost immunity in plants and increase production yield so that the products of organic farming that currently seem expensive and premium can be enjoyed by all people from all walks of life.
  • For conventional farming, that used to use two main inputs, such as; chemical fertilizers and pesticides, besides aiming to increasing plant immunity we also select the microbes as the third input; biological control agents to create the Integrated Sustainable Farming model. Meanwhile, we reduce the total cost of production and our products will reduce pressure the soil and environment so as to improve the condition of the land biosphere, which in the future can help the realization of a healthier farming products. 

Product Benefits and Innovation


The latest technology to put the purest microbes in dormancy condition which will allow the product to have a longer lifetime (> 2 years) without reducing viability and virulency of our microbes during application.


Using microbes that are "ENDOPHYTIC" in nature, meaning to say that the microbes live in symbiosis with the host plant. The research and development and selection of these microbes has been extensive and exhaustive to ensure their effectiveness. The determination of endophytic was perfomed using Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) technology that is able to detect the existence of endophytic microbes in plant tissues.


Utilizing superior microbe selection that are able to grow in fungicides up to 5 grams/ltr concentration. Utilizing natural highly virulent biological pest control agents such as Metharizium sp., Cordyceps sp., Bacillus thuringiensis, Beauveria bassiana, Paecylomyces sp., Hirsutella sp., Serratia sp., that are safe for humans but deadly against the targetted pests. 


  • The product is made in the form of Effervescent tablets (Easily soluble) making it portable and easy to use.
  • Complete ingredients for farming